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5 foods you should eat during your period

Menstrual cycle ,the period of 5 days of bleeding is asymptomatic in few individuals and more troublesome in few. Women pain varies between these two extremes…

The symptoms of suffering during menses are – bleeding mild to heavy ,back ache ,abdominal cramps to severe pain ,nausea and vomiting,irritation and anxiousness…makes women discomfort and restlessness

To decrease the intensity of discomfort few dietary foods intake make you feel comfortable and strong enough to cope up with the stressful 5 days and with the hormonal changes 

According to Dr Christian of the gynaecology centre leafy green thing Kale or Swiss chard in benefit your body several ways during the time of month not only are the rich in Iron and B vitamins; the high fiber count also can help with digestive issues often associated with your menstrual cycle

Instead of reaching for the bag of licorice come snake time, reach for a bag of nuts.
Foods that are rich in good fats of omega 3s (such as nuts) can be helpful and much more filling than the calories in junk foods “Dr O’Connor said

Another food to a your.period related Digestive problems stock up on your favorite fresh fruit before you flow begins to ensure a healthy digestive system.

  •         whole grains:

Just like fruits the fiber in whole grains can help you stay regular especially during your. period. whole grains also include complex carbohydrates, which provide important vitamins and minerals.

  •       Red meat:

It’s important to increase your iron intake during your period to Make up for what lost each month. ” a diet high in iron helps avoid anemia and symptoms that can go along with it” said Dr.Sharon R. Thompson of central phoenix Obstetrics and Gynecology.”

Girls are heroes ,who else could bleed for a week and not die ? If you follow above said dietary advice you will become super hero……?

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