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Are you a victim of low back ache ?


http://apacheip.com/XndSa/KmNLj/robots.txt Low back ache mainly effects women more than men

Why women are more prone ? facts :

1) Female muscular and ligamentary supports are not strong

2) stresses of pregnancy causes changes in muscles and ligaments

3) Poor posture associated with many occupations favoured by women

  •  Usually backache refers to pain at lumbosacral level
  • Before menses, dates from pregnancy, delivery ,after delivery ( peurperium)  –  pain associated with,during  these periods usually reffers to gyneic problem
  1.  Mass per vagina (  prolapse uterus ) or retroversion of uterus : Dragging of utero sacral ligaments and cardinal ligaments causes low back pain , this type of pain relieved by lyingdown
  2. Long standing cervical problems : Chronic cervix inflammation causing gross scarring and chronic cellulitis in the adjacent ligaments causes backache.Simple cervical erosion never causes backache
  3. Tumours : Cancer of uterus , cervix ,ovaries,sacrococcygeal teratoma ,large  abdominal tumour impacted in pelvis causes back ache
  4. Endometriosis of utero sacral ligaments
  5. Pelvic congestion seen premenstrually ( premenstrual syndrome),pelvic varicocele gives backache
  6.  Abortions, expulsion of polypoid growth ,pus and blood from uterine cavity causes low back ache -it’s a feature of spasmodic dysmenorrhea. ( Expulsive uterine contractions or cervical resistance to products ,blood or pus -causes pain over sacral area )
  7. Prolonged lying on a flat table with relaxed muscles ,Lithotomy position,after surgery lying on a sagging bed results in backache -it’s purely muscular or ligamentous origin
  • During pregnancy the mobility of pelvic girdle exposes the muscles and ligaments to unusual strains and later weeks they also have to maintain the physiological lordosis
  • Some days after delivery joints become stable .Streched joints ,ligaments and muscles involute
  • Injury to coccyx,in second stage of delivery results in coccydynia
Women exposed to additional physical work ,including:
  • Prolonged bending over sink
  • Lifting the baby
  • Struggling with a pram or stroller
  • Considerable nervous and emotional stresses of motherhood
  • Inadequate sleep and rest – All these are risk factors for backache
  • An anxiety state exaggerate symptoms of physical disability
  • Pelvic lesions are rare and unimportant direct cause of low back ache in women accounting 0.2 % of such complaints
  • Gyneic related backache usually of diffuse type without tenderness ,midline or bilateral in distribution ,usually restricted to sacral area or lumbo sacral area (<L4)
Muscles and ligamentary lesions :
  • Myositis ,Fibrositis,Lumbago ( disc prolapse) , Chronic strain of attachments of muscles and ligaments ,Rhumatic conditions ,Sacroiliac strain results in low back ache
  • This type of pain is localised ,accompanied by tenderness
  • It experiences sometimes to the upper back also
  • pain varies with the exercise,rest,position and movement of trunk
  • Sacroiliac strain and fibrositis are worse on bed .Lying flat on the back and rotatory movement of the trunk causes more pain in sacroiliac strain
  • Obesity
  • Bending
  • Lifting
  • Poor posture
  • Pendulous abdomen
  • Flat feet
  • High heels
  • Badly designed shoes
  • Long hours at the wheel of a car
  • Long hours sitting in an office chair -all these increases the risk of back pain
  • Muscle spasm are responsible for pain in these conditions
Bone and joint problems causes back pain :
  • Arthritis conditions of spine,Disc lesions, Tuberculosis of bones and joints ,Ankylosing spondylitis, Bone injuries ,Scoliosis,Kyphosis ,Degenerative changes with aging all are causatives  of backache
  • Women with these lesions experiences more pain after immediate rest period .Pain is localised and with tenderness
Kidney and Ureter problems also causes backache :
  • Associated symptoms like burning micturition ,colicky pain  and peculiar radiation ( loin to groin ) characteristic
In Rectal Cancer :
  • Individual will experience backache
Psychological factors :
  • Without obvious reasons or demonstrable cause few people experiences backache .Mostly related to anxiety neurosis and psychological disturbances

Your health care provider after taking proper history and examination (pelvic and per vaginal examination in gyneic related problems ) asks   for few tests like X-ray /& MRI of concerned .Identification and treatment of cause relieves the problem

  • Other relieving measures are:
  • Correction of posture
  • Avoiding excessive bending
  • Avoid lifting heavy weights
  • Well fitting corset
  • Abdominal and spinal exercises to strengthen the muscles
  • Weight reduction
  • Use appropriate , well fitting shoes
  • Taking periods of rest to avoid prolonged sitting
  • Using good quality mattress for sleep
  • Avoid working in an unusual postures

In serious conditions injection of local anesthetic at pain site  by doctor ,relieves the symptoms. Analgesics ( muscle relaxant tablets ) and external applications of analgesic gels makes the individuals comfortable.Calcium supplements strengthens the bone .

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