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This 6 Morning Habits will change you...

This 6 Morning Habits will change your Life

This Six Morning Habits followed by most successful people , why don’t we try this.  To try this habits and become successful you should wake up early, should finish this 6 habits before  8 AM.

Recurrent pregnancy loss ???

Recurrent  pregnancy loss ???

You were unsure which pain is worse  – the shock of what happened to you OR  the ache for what never will The pregnancy loss ( misscarriage )  is a pathetic  situation to face , if it is repeated we can’t describe the agony of couple Here are the information to know about recurrent pregnancy […]

5 Best budget friendly sunscreens

5 Best budget friendly sunscreens

Our skin need sun exposure  but sun between 10 am – 3 pm is not right for skin it causes sun burn or suntan , which makes your skin dead and unhealthy but we have something to protect our skin from tan ……”sunscreen” it acts as a layer on our skin and it will protect […]



Menopause is your return to where you were before ,that is your hormonal levels are the same as pre pubertal girl’s   WHAT IS MENOPAUSE ? It’s a permanent  cessation of menses . It is not only a cessation of menses ,it is depletion of ovarian follicles leading to decrease in ovarian hormones .Menopause is […]

Do you know your kitchen has beauty i...

Do you know your kitchen has beauty ingredients are useful to over come “sun tan” ?

Our skin acts as how we treat it, external weather conditions like heat and sun expose will effect your skin to change its color nothing but tan. most of western and European people love to get their skin tan but Asian people try to protect their skin from sun  due to different  weather conditions. We […]

Mother’s Weight Reflects Baby ...

Mother’s Weight Reflects  Baby Weight, How?

In total weight gain of pregnant women 40% weight gain will go the the foetus & placenta 60% to the maternal tissues , uterus & breast etc In average total weight gain in pregnancy is 11 kg Weight gain in pregnancy  depends on body mas (BMI) of motherBMI = weight/Height2 .Units are  kg/m2 BMI Total gain […]



Distracting from work ?   Irritated ?  From vulval itch !!!   Then know the facts     Here are the common reasons which causes vulval itch VAGINAL DISCHARGE: Usually infective vaginal discharge causes itching of vulva and vagina. Yeast infection(candidiasis) ,Protozoan infection (trichomonas infection) causes itching more commonly . To know more about Vaginal […]

Do you know natural medicine in plane...

Do you know natural medicine in planet?

Do we know how and why water is important in our survival? How it helps to baby in womb, let see how. Water  Helps in digestion Help in absorption of nutrients from gastrointestinal It is important constiuent of breast milk After delivery there will be water loss called diuresis. Water intake should be more after delivery […]

Role Of Fiber in Pregnancy

Role Of Fiber in Pregnancy

WHAT IS FIBER ? It is an indigestible part of diet Mostly it consist of complex non starch polysaccharides Few fibers are soluble in water and few are insoluble SOLUBLE FIBERS These Fibers dissolves in water It helps in delaying of gastric emptying It acts as a prebiotic It makes the food viscous Chicory,Pectins,Legumes,Inulin,lactulose ,Psyllium […]



TO KNOW WHAT IS VAGINAL DISCHARGE PLEASE CLICK HERE Vaginal discharge varies with the different age groups. NEWBORN: In some occasions newborn will experience vaginal discharge. It is mainly due to circulating levels of maternal estrogens. Nothing to panic about ,it resolves spontaneously. CHILDREN: In these girls , before puberty vaginal mucosa is very thin PH […]