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Hyperemsis gravidarum – severe ...

Hyperemsis gravidarum – severe form of morning sickness

Small percentage of women have a more profound course of nausea and vomiting  in pregnancy .Severe form called as hyperemisis gravidarum (HG)  HG more commonly seen in Indian,Pakistan,Asian,New Zealand women  than other country’s 0.3-2% of all pregnancies effects from HG   WOMEN WITH HG – HOW THEY PRESENT : They present with persistent vomiting,dehydration,ketosis,electrolyte disturbances ,acid […]

Relieving measures to morning sicknes...

Relieving measures to morning sickness !!!!

Most troubling part of pregnancy is nausea and vomiting . How do you get relief from this ?????  Follow the below said suggestions and free from morning sickness DIETARY MEASURES :  Take frequent small meal . Divide the meal into 5-6 times than three time meal Avoid smells and food texture that cause nausea Foods […]

Do u want to know about “mornin...

Do u want to know about “morning sickness in pregnancy “

In first three months of pregnancy,frequently encountered problem is ” nausea and vomiting ” ( NVP ) -called as morning sickness  More than 70% of women experiences morning sickness NVP is usually a self limiting condition NVP starts from 4-7 th week of pregnancy.Peak symptoms occur at 10-16 wk gestation Usually resolves by 20 th […]



WHAT TYPE OF EXERCISES ARE ADVISED TO PREGNANT WOMAN ? Aerobic exercises : repeated activities like walking & /swimming are important activities in pregnancy Muscle strengthening exercises : Exercise for abdominal muscles : Tightens the abdominal muscles when standing or sitting and count 1,2,3  then relax . It helps in supporting the increasing weight of […]



Old prescription in pregnancy constitutes “bedrest” .Where as 21st Century prescription constitutes “exercise,yoga and meditation “ WHY THE PREGNANT WOMAN SHOULD DO EXERCISE ? Childbirth is the most stressful and painful event in woman’s life .Women should prepare herself to bear the stressful event .By taking nutritious diet and doing exercises she prepares herself for […]



THE HARDEST THING ABOUT ” EVERYTHING HAPPENS FOR A REASON ” ….. that has to be identified ,properly evaluated and treated !!!!! First pregnancy loss increases 25% risk for second pregnancy loss , Second pregnancy loss increases 40% risk for third pregnancy loss , Third pregnancy loss increases 60% risk for furthur pregnancy losses   […]

Recurrent pregnancy loss ???

Recurrent  pregnancy loss ???

You were unsure which pain is worse  – the shock of what happened to you OR  the ache for what never will The pregnancy loss ( misscarriage )  is a pathetic  situation to face , if it is repeated we can’t describe the agony of couple Here are the information to know about recurrent pregnancy […]

PREGNANCY!!! Worried of travelling ?

PREGNANCY!!! Worried of travelling ?

To travel in pregnancy for long distance is a dilemma to the women . To clear the confusion ,here are some facts about ….. When the  pregnant women wants to travel , think of risks and purpose of travel . Few do’ s and  don’t s regarding travelling will discuss here. WHEN TO TRAVEL ? […]

Mother’s Weight Reflects Baby ...

Mother’s Weight Reflects  Baby Weight, How?

In total weight gain of pregnant women 40% weight gain will go the the foetus & placenta 60% to the maternal tissues , uterus & breast etc In average total weight gain in pregnancy is 11 kg Weight gain in pregnancy  depends on body mas (BMI) of motherBMI = weight/Height2 .Units are  kg/m2 BMI Total gain […]

Do you know natural medicine in plane...

Do you know natural medicine in planet?

Do we know how and why water is important in our survival? How it helps to baby in womb, let see how. Water  Helps in digestion Help in absorption of nutrients from gastrointestinal It is important constiuent of breast milk After delivery there will be water loss called diuresis. Water intake should be more after delivery […]