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Cautious Use Of Antibiotics

Antibiotics are commonly used drugs to treat infections caused by bacteria. They are not effective against viruses.

Researchers from around the world report an alarming rise in antibiotic-resistant bacteria. They have found that instead of being prescribed exclusively for bacterial infections, these drugs are being used to treat several upper respiratory tract infections, such as the common cold, flu and sore throat, which are generally caused by viruses — antibiotics do not work against these viruses.

According to the Virtual Health Care Team (VHCT) of the School of Health Professionals, University of Missouri-Columbia, seven out of ten Americans receive antibiotics when they seek treatment for common cold!

For this reason almost every type of bacteria has become less responsive to antibiotic treatment. These antibiotic-resistant bacteria are leading to new infectious diseases that are more difficult to cure and more expensive to treat, says Centre for Disease Control,USA .

Here is some helpful advice from VHCT :

Always follow your doctor’s instructions.

* Take the exact amount of medicine and at the specified time(s), and take it for the entire period, even if you feel better midway.

* Never take antibiotics that have been lying around the house unless prescribed by your doctor for a current illness.

* Never self-medicate antibiotics.

* Never give your antibiotics to others. Their illness is probably different, and your antibiotic might, possibly, be harmful

* Since children’s health is extremely important for future growth and development, great discretion is advised while giving antibiotics to children.

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