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Check 🔛 BMI

Although the weight chart is generally very helpful, a better way to find out whether you are obese or not is to determine your Body Mass Index (BMI)

BMI takes into account both your height and weight in determining whether there is excess fat. The BMI chart that is considered the ‘measurement of choice’ by many researchers who study obesity.

The BMI is an improvement over other weight/height tables because it is based on an individual’s body mass rather than on a sample of people, but it still does not provide a measure of the fatness or leanness of the body. To do that, one’s body-fat content must be assessed.

The formula to calculate BMI is:

BMI = Weight in kg (Height in metres)2

BMI Recommendations :

Age Groups​Recommended BMI

18-34 years​17-28
35-54 years​17-29
> 55 years​17-30

BMI Interpretation: BMI over the recommended range indicates overweight and cautions us to get back into the ideal range.

Children and pregnant women have different BMI guidelines.



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