Cherish your friends

Friends are not a luxury; they are a necessity. We need friends to maintain our emotional and physical well-being.

Studies show that from the most primitive to the most developed societies, friendship has a protective, positive effect on people. In fact, friends can even help to each other healthy.

Research studies in the US performed by cognitive psychologists such as Martin E. Seligman have shown that people with close friends become ill less frequently and are better able to fight disease when they do. In addition, they have more joie de vivre — the joy of life.

Why? No one knows for sure. But studies at Duke University show that friends act as loving buffers against the damaging effects of stress.
Personal and professional friendships have to be cultivated. Old friendships need to be

Why not call someone for a relaxed meal today, or if pressed for time, a cup of tea or coffee. Less than an hour will do.

An excellent way to establish friendship is to learn to be a good listener. At some time, everyone needs someone who will listen without judging and without giving unwanted advice.

Another way is to reach out and help someone without waiting to be asked. If a
neighbour or a co-worker needs help, make the first move.

A third way is to join a local group that sponsors activities such as morning or evening walks, card games or tennis.

Cherish your old friends. Reach out to others in new friendship.

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