Contact Lenses Versus Glasses

    • Contact lenses are a terrific alternative to glasses. But people often find themselves in a dilemma when choosing between regular eyeglasses and contact lenses. Which is the better route to take?


    • Contacts allow more natural vision, and do not obscure a person’s natural look. Since contacts are next to the eye, there is less distortion and every object is represented as is. The entire field of vision remains intact, whereas glasses may obscure the peripheral vision. Contact lenses are seamless, no one can know if you are wearing them or not, and this boosts the self-esteem of many individuals. Contact lenses do not mist or get wet on a rainy day, and are perfect for persons who have an active lifestyle, do a lot of driving, play sports and want to retain as much peripheral vision as is possible.


    • However contact lenses are not for everyone; and certainly not for anyone with dry eyes, previous corneal ulcers or corneas that have loss of sensation. Contacts are impractical for persons with arthritis, tremors and for those who simply do not have patience. With all the care necessary to use lenses, some people just get impatient.


    • On the other hand, there are no known problems associated with wearing glasses. Not only are they cheaper, but also easier to maintain — all you need is a clean cloth. Because of their size, glasses are less likely to get lost than contact lenses. With advancing technology, eyeglasses have become lighter, more stylish and chic.


  • To sum up, choose wisely and choose the option that gives best comfort and vision. But remember to have a pair of glasses as a backup in case a problem requires you to stop wearing contact lenses for a while.


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