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Do you know your kitchen has beauty ingredients are useful to over come “sun tan” ?

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http://paperbookintensive.org/schilling_2for5/ Our skin acts as how we treat it, external weather conditions like heat and sun expose will effect your skin to change its color nothing but tan.

most of western and European people love to get their skin tan but Asian people try to protect their skin from sun  due to different  weather conditions.

We buying some high end chemicals to protect our skin. But all ingredients to protect your skin are in your kitchen. We bringing you some easy home remedies to make your skin more beautiful ever before and protect from sun.

Is really tan can be removed? I am glad to say big yes, if you start protecting and using some basic face pack which are below for you .

Honey and Lemon Juice:

Lemon and Honey  has properties of anti oxidant and anti bacterial, which not only helps to give you lightning skin but helps in remove dirt and protect from pimples which forms dirt on skin layer.

How to:

  • Squeeze lemon into bowl
  • Add honey and mix both
  • Apply on your face, neck  and hands are tan effected area
  • Leave it for 15 minutes and wash it with cold water
  • Use a cotton towel to dry your face gently
  • for best result use 3-4 times a week


Cucumber and Yogurt (curd):

I still remember my mother use to keep cucumber for my lunch because cucumber has 95% of water which helps body from dehydration. when we expose to sun skin gets dry, by using cucumber in our pack it helps as an cooling agent, Yogurt  contains lactic acid which helps to premature skin like wrinkles spots, helps in closing skin pores and makes skin look younger and smarter ever before

How to:

  • Cut cucumber into pieces
  • Grid in food processor for fine paste
  • Add cold yogurt, Mix well together
  • Apply on your face, neck  and hands are tan effected area
  • Leave it for 15-20 minutes and wash it with cold water
  • Apply  your favorite moisturizer


Lemon and Sugar as Scrub: 

Most of us don’t no combination of sugar and lemon makes your skin fairer and soft sugar act as an cleaning agent .

How to: 

    • Squeeze lemon into bowl
    • Add two table spoons of sugar and mix well
    • Apply on your face, neck  and hands are tan effected area with gentle moments
    • Leave it for 15 minutes
    • for best results repeat 2-3 times a week

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