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Fasting: The Greatest Remedy

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    • Fasting is the oldest form of natural correction of physical imbalances; techniques can range from removal or reduction of one food substance to total abstention from all foods and liquids. Fasts may cover periods from a day or part of a day to more; there are recorded instances of persons going without food for periods in excess of sixty days.


    • The idea of fasting is based upon the principle that the stomach is the home of disease.

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    • The logic of fasting is that it stops or greatly reduces the amount of food let into the digestive system, providing time for the body to clear itself of unprocessed foods, superfluity, and harmful pathogens. For some, it could be accomplished merely by eliminating meats or sugars from the diet, while for others, it may require total abstinence for some time.

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    • Fasting is a purifying process which brings about a rapid elimination of toxic elements from the body. It corrects conditions of disordered nutrition and assimilation, and increases the activity of the eliminative organs, thus helping restore the entire system to health.


  • Almost all forms of therapeutic diets are varieties of fasting. The experiences of millions of persons who have used the fast to correct every kind of condition and disease, often after they failed to respond to any other treatment, proves the value of this natural method of cure. Nonetheless, long fasts conducted without proper supervision have resulted in severe damage. In many cases, a long fast so weakens the heart and other organs that a recovery is impossible. Safe and scientific fasting, therefore, consists of short, controlled fasts, repeated if necessary at various intervals.


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