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Get Your Calcium in natural way

  •  Calcium is necessary  throughout life for strong bones and teeth and for normal heart functioning. Calcium also plays a major role in blood clotting and is vital to the healthy operation of your nervous system.m
  • For adults, the most serious consequence of not getting enough dietary calcium is osteoporosis, a condition in which the bones become brittle and break easily. Children who don’t get enough calcium will have stunted growth.


http://globalarchaeology.ca/2017/04/maple-syrup/ Are you concerned about getting enough calcium?

  • If you don’t want to take dietary supplements, consider getting your calcium the old-fashioned way: through food! Nutritional research shows that we require the following amounts of calcium at these ages.
  • 1-11 years: 800 mg a day
  • 11-24 years: 1,200 mg a day
  • 25 and older: 800 mg a day
  • Some nutrition experts believe that post menopausal women need, 1,200-1,500 mg of calcium a day because of their greater risk of developing osteoporosis. Pregnant women may also need more to meet the demands of developing foetus.
  • You may want to avoid the best sources of calcium — dairy products — because of their high fat content. But skim milk, low-fat cheese and non fat yogurt have just as much calcium as their high-fat cousins.
  • Other foods that provide good amounts of calcium include tofu, soybeans, almonds, figs, canned salmon or sardines, broccoli, spinach and kale.
  • With such a wide variety of sources, you should have no difficulty getting your calcium naturally.

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