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The Harmful Effects of the Wrong Type of Protein


    • The mistake we make often is to get far too much of our protein from animal sources such as meat and milk. Not only is vegetable protein of a higher quality than animal protein, but good health can be maintained on a smaller amount of it. This reduces cost, wastes less energy in digestion, and creates fewer toxins.

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    • Besides being superior to animal protein such as meats, eggs and milk, vegetable protein from lentils, nuts and vegetables is far easier to digest. Many vegetable protein sources, such as nuts and salads, can be eaten raw. Raw food typically has higher protein and other nutrients than cooked food.

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    • Research has shown that a diet high in animal protein causes premature ageing. This is because animal proteins, especially meat, tend to produce toxins and acidity in the tissues, cause intestinal putrefaction and degeneration of the vital organs.

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    • One of the best non-animal protein foods is soya milk. It is a high-protein food which is very nutritious, and has a low fat and high fibre content. It contains more protein than prime beef. Soya milk can be used on your cereal, for milk shakes and whenever milk is required in a recipe.


    • Raw nuts are another nutritious source of protein with twice the protein content of meat. They mix well with raisins or sultanas and are ideal as an energy snack.


  • With the protein power from legumes like beans, peas, lentils and whole pulses comes the added benefit of extra shot of fibre required by an adult. So, choose the healthier option — the vegetable protein.



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