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Is Stress Contagious ???

Parental Stress is Toxic….

Stress is contagious……..

It begins in the womb!!!!! when a mother in  stress and suffers depression during pregnancy can alter how the child will react emotionally to stress in his adult life. These changes can make for a temperamental baby, difficult to soothe and calm, a baby who is challenging to parents; a child who is quick to react and more likely to get anxious, cry or run away from problems, and with a dampened capacity to feel calm and content.

Later in the life it may lead to stress related health issues like hypertension, cardiovascular disease and disorders of immune system according to research from Harvard, Duke, and other universities.

The mind-body connection is a primal link between every parent and child. The mother¬to-be communicates with her unborn baby even before birth. It is recognized that umbilical cord ties mother and child in more senses than merely physical.

Dr. Dennis Kinney, director of the Genetics Laboratory at Harvard Medical School, states, `Stress does not need to be either chronic or extremely severe… significant  and lasting effects have been produced by rather moderate and brief exposures to stress.’

This is not the mother’s or father’s fault. Today’s parents are more stressed-out because our social support networks are dwindling, and we don’t realize that, as our isolation increases, it drives up our stress levels. So happy and pleasant atmosphere is necessary in preconception period for the couple .Not only in preconception period after that also for all human beings to stay fit .

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