womenscure in all means


Menopause is a age related phenomenon . It tells ….YOU ARE GETTING OLD

Majority of problems in menopause are because of decreasing levels estrogen hormone mainly ,which is produced from ovary

  • Women feels warm &  increased sweating . There is increased heat loss from body Increase in temperature of toes and fingers .Core body temperature will be less(1 degree centigrade) . During hot flush ,heart rate rises but blood pressure will be normal .Skin temperature returns to normal with in 30 min .Hotflushes are more severe in surgically induced menopause . Estrogen deficiency and its effects on hypothalamus are reasons for hot flush


  • Increased day time and night time frequency of urination . Dribbling of urine on sneezing ,coughing etc ( stress incontinence) , urge to pass urine before reaching to washroom ( urge incontinence ) , Painful or burning urination ( dysuria ) , recurrent urine infections , retention of urine ,repeated inability to control urination ( enuresis) –
  • These are due to weakened collagen &  periurethral tissue there by reduction in urethral closure pressure .Hypermobility of bladder.Low flow rates .increasing urinary residue
  • Dry vagina ,itching ,Painful coitus ,loss of libido,recurrent vaginal infections – all these symptoms are due to thinning and loss rugosities of vagina , low moister content & less lactobacillus there by high PH 5


BONE LOSS  ( osteoporosis) & FRACTURE RISK : 
  • In women ,peak bone mass is achieved by the 20 yrs of age and begins to decrease after 35 yrs age
  • Low bone mass and micro architectural deterioration of bone tissue leading to increase bone fragility and fracture risk
  • Increase risk of wrist , hip , spine fractures in menopausal period .3% of bone loss per year seen in first 5 yrs of menopausal period .Kyphosis,vertebral wedging compression fracture , vertebral fractures are usually seen in menopause


  • Increased incidence of CAD ( coronary artery disease ) in menopausal women upto 54 %
  • Increased prevalence of HTN ,diabetes ,sendatary habits ,obesity, smoking -increase the risk of heart problems
  • After menopause there is change in lipid profile.Increased LDL ,VLDL and decreased HDL ( good cholesterol) .Coagulation balance is not altered .But blood flow in all blood vessels slows down .Prostacyclin production increases .Response to acetyl choline becomes constrictive .Levels of angiotensin converting enzyme decreases .

All these increases non fatal myocardial infarction ( heart attack ) rates

  • Bleeding patterns change like irregular cycles , heavy bleeding or scanty menses , menses in every 15 days or every 2-3 months , anovulation
  • Estrogen levels slightly elevated until 6-12 months before follicular growth and development cease



Brest ,cervix & endometrial cancer risk increases in menopause

  • Headache ,irritability ,mood swings ,sudden tears ,depression,disturbed sleep,anxiety,difficulty in concentrating,confusion decreased memory
  • Breast tenderness ,hair loss ,itchy skin ,weight gain ,increased allergies ,change in body odour,mouth odour ,gum problems,ringing in ears ,softer & cracker nails break easily
  • Aching muscles and joints ,easy fatigability ,decrease lean muscle mass indigestion stomach upset,tingling extremities


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