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Mother’s Weight Reflects Baby Weight, How?

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enter site In total weight gain of pregnant women

40% weight gain will go the the foetus & placenta

60% to the maternal tissues , uterus & breast etc

  • In average total weight gain in pregnancy is 11 kg
    Weight gain in pregnancy  depends on body mas (BMI) of motherBMI = weight/Height2 .Units are  kg/m2

BMI Total gain in weight(Kg)
Low <19.8 12.5-18kg
Normal 19.8-26 11.5-16kg
High 26-29 7-11kg
Obese >29 >=6kg
  • Mothers weight gain during pregnancy
  • Mother birth weight
  • Mothers weight at the start of pregnancy

Mother should gain wight 400gm/week in II (3-6 months) & III (6-9 months) trimesters of pregnancy

Overeating in pregnancy is also not advisable

Increased than expected weight gain in pregnancy/ Increased weight of mother causes few diseases in mother and effects baby

  • Pregnancy induced diabetes
  • Large babies
  • Birth defects in babies
  • Damage to the mother during delivery
  • Baby may suffer from diabetes on later stage (juvenile diabetes)

High fat diet, High Protein meal, High carbohydrate diet , Increases the mother weight and baby weight which is not advisable.


  • Pregnant women with diabetes give birth to high birth weight babies
  • Nutritional deficiency (Including vitamins and minerals ) in mother will give rise to low birth weight babies
  • Women suffering from pregnancy induced hypertension , preeclampsia will give birth to low birth weight babies
  •  In Asian population , birth weight of babies in and around of average of 2.5 kg
  • <2.5kg considered as low birth weight
  • >4 kg considered as big baby
  • <1.5 kg consider as very low birth weight baby
  • Baby weight can be assesed by  ultrasound during antenatal period
  • If a pregnant women puts on weight suddenly that is more than a 400gm /week in second , third trimesters of pregnancy, it indicates –  Pre eclampsia or Diabetes.They should undergo tests according to your doctors advice.
  • In underweight women ,protein supplements have been found to help in gaining weight
  • Very rich protein diet > 25% will limit the growth of baby
  • Mothers weight, Blood pressure, Blood glucose levels effect baby’s weight
  • Pregnant women should know her weight and she should be aware of low birth weight babies in under weight mothers.
  • Mothers should maintain weight with a balanced diet and mild physical activity, this will give a healthy outcome.
  • Women suffering from chronic diseases are evaluated and properly get treated before conception , otherwise it effects the mother weight and baby weight toooo
  • Follow the instructions given by health care provider to obtain a healthy baby


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