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Myths About Allergy


    • Allergies often seem vague in origin and unpredictable in response. So it’s not surprising that several misconceptions about their causes and cure exist. The common myths about allergies are described below:

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    • Allergies are psychosomatic. Although hay fever affects your eyes and nose, allergies aren’t `all in your head.’ An allergy is a real medical condition involving your immune system. Stress or emotions may bring on or worsen symptoms, but emotions don’t cause allergies.


    • Moving to dry climate will cure allergies. Some people who are bothered by allergies to pollens and moulds believe moving to arid areas, where the foliage and climate are different, will cause their allergies to disappear. The desert may lack some of the trees and weeds that may have made things difficult, but it does have other plants that can produce pollen. People who are sensitive to some pollens and moulds may become sensitive to the pollens and moulds found in new environments.


    • Short-haired pets don’t cause allergies. An animal’s fur (regardless of its length) isn’t the culprit in allergies. The cause is the dander and sometimes saliva and urine. If you’re allergic to furry pets, safer pets include fish and reptiles.


  • Organic food are non-allergenic. Limiting your diet to organic food is no guarantee that you will avoid food allergy. Some of the most allergenic foods are `natural’ foods — cow’s milk, eggs, peanuts, wheat, soya beans, fish and nuts. Allergies are caused not by chemicals but by proteins in the food.

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