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Read your Blood Pressure

helpful hints

  • Blood pressure is measured using two numbers the first measures what is called systolic pressure, meaning the pressure exerted against the walls of your arteries while your heart is beating. The second measure what is called diastolic pressure, or the pressure between heartbeats when your heart in rest. The two numbers recorded one over the other as in 120/80.
  • Now its easy to read your BP by yourself at home by using automatic blood pressure monitor.


  • You need two are more reading, taken on separate occasions, to get an accurate blood pressure measurement. Remember that blood pressure readings vary throughout the day. They usually  are highest in the morning after you wake up and move around. They tend to decrease  throughout the day and lowest in the evening
    You should also have your blood pressure taken when standing, sitting and lying down, since this will give your doctor a better idea of what’s normal for you. Have your blood pressure check annually. Keeping your blood pressure normal will reduce your risk of heart attacks, stroke and kidney diseases.

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