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Relieving measures to morning sickness !!!!

Most troubling part of pregnancy is nausea and vomiting . How do you get relief from this ?????  Follow the below said suggestions and free from morning sickness

  • Take frequent small meal . Divide the meal into 5-6 times than three time meal
  • Avoid smells and food texture that cause nausea
  • Foods should be bland ,tasting high in corbohydrate and low in fat
  • Salty foods ( salted crackers ,potato chips ) usually tolerated early in morning
  • Sour and tart liquids ( e.g. Lemonade ) are tolerated more than water
  • Avoid spicy ,junk food .
  • Avoid heavy meal , sugary snacks ,pickles ,colas ,alcohol &canned drinks etc
  • Some women may become depressed or exhibit other affective changes
  • It is important that these woman receive appropriate support from family members as well as medical professionals &  nursing staff
ACUPRESSURE : http://research-consulting.com/pma/  
  • pericardium 6 or neiguan point ( 3 finger breadth above the wrist or the volar surface ) – applying moderate pressure over this area gives releif to the morning sickness to some extent
  • If used in tea – may reduce the symptoms of NVP . Better than placebo
  • B6 -pyridoxin 25 mg orally every 8 hrs ,combined with doxylamine 25 mg once daily helps in controlling the NVP
  • Ondansetron 8 mg is advised to treat NVP ,if above measures fail
  • Prochlorperazone ,promethazine -per rectal doses ,droperidol and diphenhydramine IV doses may be given in unresponsive women .These are B category drugs

Meclizine ,dimenhydrinate ,diphenhydramine used in treating the NVP . These are B category drugs

  • Normal saline or ringer lactate are useful in replacing the fluid loss of NVP .Vitamin B1 ( thiamin) injection given initially followed by dextrose fluids to avoid risk of wernicks encephalopathy

” Simple measures alleviate the troubles of NVP and results in good health of mother and baby “

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