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Role of Calcium in Pregnancy


go to link Calcium supplementation in second and third trimesters of pregnancy(4-9 months of pregnancy)and lactation period is essential for following reasons

  • Decrease the risk of pregnancy induced hypertension (B.P).
  • Protects against low birth weight in newborn
  • Prevent hypertension in the next generation.
  • Bone and skeleton development of newborn
  • Teeth development of newborn
  • Calcium is required for muscle contractions of mother and baby
  • Helps in transmission of signals or messages from nerves to brain of mother and baby.
  • For normal blood clotting abilities do require calcium
  • For normal heart rhythm

women’s with

  • Chronic auto immunological disorders
  • Low molecular weight heparin therapy during pregnancy
  • Lactose intolerence
  • Women who prefer to skip milk, milk products due to personal preference -The calcium supplementation should be -1000 mg per day in pregnancy.

Calcium deficiency leads to

  • Leg cramps in the mother
  • Increased blood pressure in mother
  • Bone defects in baby
  • Clotting abnormalities
  • Decreased tone of muscle(hypotonia)-Flabby babies

Rich source of calcium

  • Milk
  • Cheese
  • Yogurt
  • sardines
  • salmon fish
  • calcium daily requirement in pregnancy is about 1000 -2000 mg per day.
  • 8 ounce glasses of milk equals to 1000mg of calcium.
  • calcium supplements available in two forms-calcium citrate and calcium carbonate.
  • calcium citrate can be taken with empty stomach tooo.
  • calcium corbonate should be taken with food only for its better action and it less expensive than citrate component of calcium .
  • 500mg twice a day is required.
  • Should not take more than 2500 mg of calcium per day in pregnancy.
  • Excess calcium intake leads to kidney stones formation .
  • Constipation ,bloating of abdomen are few of side effects of pregnancy

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