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Role Of Fiber in Pregnancy

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  • It is an indigestible part of diet
  • Mostly it consist of complex non starch polysaccharides
  • Few fibers are soluble in water and few are insoluble
  • These Fibers dissolves in water
  • It helps in delaying of gastric emptying
  • It acts as a prebiotic
  • It makes the food viscous
  • Chicory,Pectins,Legumes,Inulin,lactulose ,Psyllium are comes under this category
  • These Fibers not soluble in water
  • These are inert components
  • They add bulk to the diet
  • Helps in smooth defecation
  • Cellulose,Dextrins,Inulin,Chitins,Lignin are insoluble fibres

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  • Whole grain bread,Bran flakes,Whole wheat pasta,Oats,Brown rice  -These contain vitamin B and fiber
  • Legumes,Soyabeans and peanuts,Lentils ,green peas,black beans-These are rich in high fiber and contain folic acid toooo ,both are important in pregnancy
  • Sweetpotato,Carrot-It is rich in Beta carotene (vit-A) and fiber .Main source of vit A in pregnancy
  • Broccoli,Dark green leafy vegetables,kale,spinach-These are rich in fiber,vitamins A,C,K,Folate,Minerals like Calcium ,Iron and Potassium
  • Avacadoes-These contain monounsaturated fatty acids,Fiber,Folate
  • For foetal health avocadoes plays important role ( brain& spinal cord development)
  • Legcramps in pregnancy is better relieved by Avacadoes
  • Yoghurt contain prebiotic,it is good for gastrointestinal system immunity.
  • Dates also have fiber ,its consumption in third trimester of pregnancy increases the cervical  dilatation  ,there by reducing the need for induction of labour .Not recommended more than one per day.
  • Barley,Popcorn,chia seeds,flax seeds are rich in antioxidants and fiber
  • Fruits like -Apple,Raspberries,Blackberries,Pears,Avacadoes,Figs,Oranges,Kiwi,Grapes are rich in Fibers .Gives good nutrients in pregnancy . Consumption of these, helps in baby growth and mother fitness .
  • Fiber helps in elimination of digestive waste.
  • Fiber diet helps in movement of (peristalsis) digestive system and helps in proper functioning of gastrointestinal tract .
  • Fiber helps in weight reduction hence in  obesity management
  • Constipation is a usual problem in pregnancy. With  the help of fiber diet, pregnant women can overcome this problem.Fiber softens the stool
  • Fiber in diet regulates the  blood glucose levels , helps in diabetes management
  • Fibers decreases the risk of heart diseases
  • Fibers are also having role in blood pressure  control
  • Blood cholesterol levels regulation and in dyslipedemias treatment fibers  having  a quality role .
  • colon cancer risk decreased with intake of fiber.
  • Fiber diet also helps in prevention of pre – eclampsia (pregnancy induced hypertension).
  • Helps in prevention of Gestational Diabetes Mellitus
  • Fibers add bulk to the diet ,and gives the feeling of satiety.

Psyllium: It comes from a herb called as plantago ovata. This soluble form of fiber absorbs water and forms a bulking mass.

  • Helps in bowel movement.
  • Lower the blood pressure.
  • Lower the cholesterol and risk for heart disease .

American pregnancy association given Psyllium as Likely safe or possibly safe for use during pregnancy.

25-35 gm/day fiber diet is advisable

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