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In present scenario males are responsible for 35% of infertility .So awareness of both the partner are  important .

Modern lifestyle and stress are the major causes of infertility.Following are the men health issues regarding infertility



following are the male problems causing infertility

Diseases of testis : 
  1. Incomplete development of testis , seen in sex chromosomal aberrations
  2.  Late descent or non descent of testis
  3.  Orchitis : testicular Infection, caused by mumps ,influenza and chlamydial infection
  4.  Damage to testis – from accidents ,exposure to X rays ,from surgeries &injury to its blood supply
  5.  Exposure of testis to heat impairs spermatogenesis . Wearing of non porous nylon underwear & suspension garments ,frequent hot baths ,varicocele ,workers in foundries or welders -in these situations testis exposed to heat and effects sperm production
  6.  Tumours of testis , tuberculosis of testis ,syphilis
  7.  Diabetes mellitus ,Thyrotoxicosis,general ill health ,drugs & poisons etc decreases the testicular function
  8.  Steroids in high doses depress the HPO axis and interfere with sperm production
Few of the drugs which interfere with sperm production :
  1. Methotrexate,colchicine, nitrofurantoin,sulfasalazine,cocaine,alcohol directly act on testis and effects sperm production
  2. Nifedipine,allopurinol,nicotine impairs the fertilising capacity of sperm
  3. Lignocaine,procaine,propranolol,quinine,chlorpromazine,minocycline ,tetracycline impairs the sperm motility
Diseases of epididymis,vasdeference ,ejaculatory ducts : 
  1.  Infections- gonorrhoea,tuberculosis
  2.  Congenital absence or gross hypoplasia of vasdeference
  3.  Congenital or developmental obstruction of epididymis
  4.  Accident or surgery -effects the function male reproductive organs
Failure to deposit semen in the vagina :
  1.  Impotence
  2.  Premature ejaculation
  3.  Hypospadias ,phimosis
  4.  Retrograde ejaculation
  5.  Drugs effects the ejaculation are : alpha blockers ,beta blockers ,ganglion blockers ,tricyclic anti depressants ,MAO inhibitors,thiazide diuretics phenothiazines
Abnormal semen quality :
  1.  Small or high volume of ejaculation
  2.  Sperm count < 20 million sperms / ml
  3.  < 50% sperm with forward progress
  4.  < 25% with rapid progression
  5.  < 30% morphologically normal
  6.  Absence of sperm in seminal fluid
  7.  Complete lack of semen
Combination factors ( female and male causes ) :

These factors are responsible for 10-20% of infertility causes .They are :

  1.  Obesity
  2.  Infrequent coitus
  3.  Dry vagina
  4.  Dyspareunia , aparenuia
  5.  Extreme anxiety to conceive decrease the fertility rate
  6.  Athletic people – they have low fertility rate
  7.  Anrexia nervosa
  8.  Defeciency of zinc and folate are implicated in decreased sperm formation
  9.  Defeciency of dietary antioxidants & micronutrients- beta carotene,lycopene ,retinol,tocopherol may decrease the genital secretions in men leading to infertility
  10.  Injectable contraceptives use for long time causes decrease in return of fertility rate
  11.  In some cases IUCD causes salpingitis and tubal damage



In 5-15% of cases the cause cannot be found .


After knowing the causes of infertility , now how to investigate the couple ????? 



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