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Before going to the solution of stress , we should know what makes us stress

  • The situation or pressure that cause stress is known as stressors
  • Stressors can be categorised for easy understanding in to 1) external factors 2) internal factors

These external factors may be positive or negative . External situations or factors effects us

  1.  Positive stressors – getting married ,buying a house ,going to collage ,receiving promotion etc … these beneficial happy things also makes us feel stressed because of new responsibilities
  2.  Negative stressors – exhausting hectic work schedule,relationship difficulties,financial problems,children and family health issues ,death of a spouse,divorce,inprisonment ,death of close family members , injury /accident,health problems,job loss, retirement,marriage reconciliation etc …these events in our life makes us to feel stressed and impairs our health , if we not taken proper precautions
  • These are self generated
  • It’s your perception of stress to the situation.Some one may feel it relaxed and cool for that situation,but you may be stressed for the same
  • That’s your rigid thinking ,lack of flexibility,negative self talk ,unrealistic expectations,all or nothing attitude makes u feel stressed more than others
  • How much stress is too much is depends on persons and varies with the individuals
  • Few people enjoys the high stress lifestyle
  • Below are the some of factors ,which makes u tolerant to stress:
  1. buy Pregabalin online uk  Support network: supportive family and friends decreases the stress .Good understanding and caring affections between family members & friends make u tolerant to the difficult situations .Your ability to deal with the stress factors increses with good support
  2.   buy provigil online reddit Your control on you  confidence in yourself makes u strong to overcome the stresss. If your self control depends on your surroundings and situations with limited ability to make changes ,stress is more likely effects you
  3.  Attitude and out look : how you look at your life and accept challenges makes the difference in handling the stress. Strong sense of humour , believe in high goals ,accepting change in life decreases the suffering from stress
  4.  Your ability: your ability to deal with your emotions effects the stress handling. In situations like sad ,angry ,afraid-you should know how to calm yourself ,how better u knows it , the stress will be less

 Your knowledge and preparations : if you know about stressful situation,including how long it will last and what to expect-then you suffer from less stress

  1.  Physical exercise: rhythmic exercises such as walking , running , swimming ,dancing etc are helpful to feel better and increses your threshold to stress . During exercise release of endorphins make u feel happy and joyful ,this increases ur alertness and increase your ability to tackle stress
  2.  Simple talking with your friends or family members : talking with face to face can trigger the hormone release and makes you comfortable from stress
  3.  Engaging your senses : sight,sound,taste,smell,touch or movement are the senses u have to engage and make ur self feel relaxed. You have to find out which sensory input makes you comfortable and provide relief from stress.
    Watching movie ,listening music ,spent time with nature,petting on animal works,  gardening, getting a hobby ( music ,dance,sports,stitching,painting ,cooking etc) reading a book etc .These things diverts your thought process and gives soothening feel ,there by reduction in stress levels
  4.  Relaxation techniques : you can’t eliminate stress from your life so learn how to combat the stress. Yoga ,deep breathing  and meditation provides relaxation to your body just opposite to the stress response.
    They decrease the everyday stress levels and boost your feelings and increase the ability to stay calm and collected under pressure
  5.  Take healthy diet : fresh fruits ,vegetables,high quality proteins,unsaturated fats ( omega 3 fatty acids) ,sprouts,salads,dry fruits etc decreases the stress and increase your ability to cope up with stress
    Avoid processed food , refined carbohydrates ,sugary snacks,junk food etc . These decrease the ability
  6.  Sleep : adequate sleep 6-8 hrs is required to increase your ability to deal with stress.
    Less sleep gives irrational thoughts ,that causes decreased ability
  7.  Miscellaneous tips to combat stress :prayer,social activity,autogenic  training,cognitive therapy,conflict resolution,cranial release techniques,nootropics,relaxation techniques,artistic expression,humour,spas,stress balls,time management,planning and descision making all these decreases your stress levels
  8. The process of stress management is one of the keys to happy and successful life in modern society
  9. Although life puts so many challenges,numerous demands that can prove difficult to handle,so nowadays stress management plays a vital role in society
Stress is a subjective experience
  • Many  professional organisations exist to promote and provide training in conventional or alternative therapies like psychotherapy,alternate therapy to stress management.This training teaches about coping skills and perspective towards stressor
  • Person’s thought process will determine the response to stress .So quite mind ,improves thought process and increase the ability to handle stress

“Go slow to go fast ” .It applies to everything in life .We live as though there aren’t enough hours in the day but if we do each thing calmly and carefully we will get it done quicker and with much less stress 



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