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Spinal Flexibility Test : It’s Easy

The spinal flexibility test consists of bending over forwards while keeping your knees straight.

At any age you should be able to touch the ground with your fingers. If you can’t, and most of us can’t, your spine has lost its youthful elasticity.

The loss of spinal flexibility eventually causes the vertebrae to impinge on the spinal nerves. Since the nerves from the spine go to all the organs and glands in the body, this results in an interference to the nerve supply to the organs and glands. This impairs their function, and we call this functional disease.

At this stage, the condition is reversible by skilful chiropractic manipulation of the spine and by yoga asanas (postures) to help regain and maintain the spine’s flexibility.

Regularly performing stretching exercises for your back can help improve spinal flexibility and reduce the chances of injury and back pain, according to the US National Institute of Health (NIH).

Flexibility exercises performed thrice a week and lasting at least 20 minutes can significantly improve back flexibility, say NIH experts.

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