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When Stomach Disagrees

A stomach ache is one of the more annoying things in life especially when you have things to do

Reach for a light snack, when your stomach is hurting and you haven’t been eating; having a snack is often the quickest way to ease the pain. Food in your stomach will absorb excess stomach acid, which can cause stomach aches.

Good snacks include toasted wheat bread with a little honey or yogurt or some unsalted crackers.
Try steamed vegetables, mashed potatoes or clear vegetable soup. Bland snacks are best. This isn’t the time to be eating spicy, chilli or acidic foods like citrus fruits or tomatoes. And be sure to limit any acid filled drinks such as coffee,soda etc.
You can also opt for a herbal remedy. Herbal teas made from chamomile catnip, or saunf have been used for centuries for soothing digestive complaints, and many doctors believe they really are very helpful.

Activated charcoal which is used to cure flatulence can help relieve stomach aches by quickly absorbing excessive stomach acid.

Stomach ache is different from stomach pain.Stomach ache occurs commonly due to indigestion, acidity, menstrual cramps etc. Most of the time, a stomach ache shouldn’t cause alarm. But if the ache persists or there is an acute pain then always consult a doctor.

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